February 2008

I am going to try to stay as up-to-date as possible with my movie reviews, but I thought you might like to know where I am coming from. So here is my top ten list for 2007 along with the full disclosure of the films I have yet to see (I live in a good-sized city, but we still don’t get every movie).

10. Gone Baby Gone (74)

9. 3:10 to Yuma (75)

8. Zodiac (76)

7. Darjeeling Limited (77)

6. Michael Clayton (79)

5. Bourne Ultimatum (84–really the best of the recent trilogies)

4. Eastern Promises (88)

3. Once (88)

2. There Will Be Blood (90)

1. No Country for Old Men (95–this is the best movie I have seen in the past few years. There Will Be Blood is probably the second best movie I have seen in the past few years. It was a good year for movies; the last few years, not so much.)

Movies I have yet to see that might make the top ten (if a movie you are thinking of is not on one of these two lists, you should mention it. I probably have seen it, but did not think it was good enough, however, it is all together possible some hidden gem as snuck through on me):

-The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


-Away From Her

-Charlie Wilson’s War

-The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

-Into the Wild

-Lars and the Real Girl


-The Savages

-Sweeney Todd

 Take it easy.


I will probably spend a decent amount of time reviewing movies. I like to use a 100 point scale (part of my real life is as an education professor) because it allows me to knit-pick on films more than thumbs or stars. If you were to compare my scale to grades, an F would be 0-20, D, 21-40, C, 41-60, B, 61-80, A, 81-100.  You should also know that I am a snob and have never seen a ‘100’ film (Don’t worry future students, I am not nearly as snobish with my school grading, I am there to help you learn, not fail you); Dr. Strangelove is my top-rated film with a 98. I cannot remember what my lowest rated film is, but I remember giving Fantastic Four an 8. For any Metacritic fans out there, I actually was doing this 100 point scale before I discovered Metacritic, but Metacritic is the best clearinghouse I know for reviews. I hope you like the reviews. Let me know what you think.

So. We jump in. I will do my best not to be terrible. I am starting up here with the idea of writing about the parts of life that I find interesting. I suppose this is a bit more for me than for anyone out there who may stumble to this site, but I hope there is something in here for all of you as well. My topics, or categories, at least to begin, will be Writing (my own attempts at a long festering work), Reviews (almost exclusively movies, but also books and restaurants–the latter will only be useful if the names of the restaurants sound familiar to you), Love of Wife (she really is amazing), Essays (there is a great deal going on in the world) and Ridiculous Crap I See (one must assume that on occasion this category will overlap with Essays and Reviews–I mean, seriously, have you ever seen Summer Catch with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jessica Biel–wow, ridiculous crap). I guess that is it. Now, I will try to find something to write about.  Take it easy.