I will probably spend a decent amount of time reviewing movies. I like to use a 100 point scale (part of my real life is as an education professor) because it allows me to knit-pick on films more than thumbs or stars. If you were to compare my scale to grades, an F would be 0-20, D, 21-40, C, 41-60, B, 61-80, A, 81-100.  You should also know that I am a snob and have never seen a ‘100’ film (Don’t worry future students, I am not nearly as snobish with my school grading, I am there to help you learn, not fail you); Dr. Strangelove is my top-rated film with a 98. I cannot remember what my lowest rated film is, but I remember giving Fantastic Four an 8. For any Metacritic fans out there, I actually was doing this 100 point scale before I discovered Metacritic, but Metacritic is the best clearinghouse I know for reviews. I hope you like the reviews. Let me know what you think.