There may have been a little drinking this past Friday. Nothing crazy. No lampshades. But enough to make Saturday morning a little slow. And enough to create the greatest opportunity in the takeout/delivery world: Adriatico’s Pizza.

I have lived in many different places. I have travelled to many, many more. Some of these places have their own local ideas of what is a pizza. Some just import a version, usually a terrible version, of Chicago or New York-style. Of all the pizzas in all the places I have eaten in over the years (wait, I am having a Casablanca moment…ok, continue), Adriatico’s is my favorite. When the day comes for the wife and I to leave this town, Adriatico’s will be one of the things I will miss the most.

So what is the pizza like? Well, they have two basic crust types: a deep dish/thick crust and a thin crust/hand-tossed. The deep dish/thick crust is not in the Chicago mold; it is an East coast version. The thin crust/hand-tossed is almost of the New York-style, but is not quite floppy enough. Both are yeast doughs, with an almost unrecognizeably slight bit of sweetness. My guess: baking soda, a pinch of sugar (it aids the yeast), a pinch of garlic and a perfect amount of salt. Adriatico’s crust is a hybrid, but it may be better than the originals.  Some folks swear by the deep dish/thick crust, but we always get the thin crust/hand-tossed.

As for the rest of the pizza: the cheese is perfect; fresh and fatteningly real mozzarella; none of that awful stuff that the likes of Papa Johns uses. Also, I have never had a bad topping (though admittedly, I am a classic cheese pizza person). But what makes Adriatico’s the best is their sauce. It is spicy; an ample amount of garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper, onion and probably some other secret ingredients are mixed into a not too thin, not too thick base. And they are always generous applying the sauce around the pie (but not too generous). If you like that sweet stuff La Rosa’s has or if you like a martini-dry pizza, Adriatico’s sauce may not be for you.

Put it all together and it is great pizza. Order some breadsticks on the side with some cheese sauce (my wife’s fave) and pizza sauce and have a great day.

No rating could do this pizza justice.